Thursday, June 28, 2007

Costco & High-end Goods

For those who still aren't Costco members, you're missing out on a great means to live well and on the cheap. It's a common misconception that you have to buy in bulk in order to enjoy the benefits of a warehouse membership like Costco. Even as a single person, one's savings can be huge shopping at Costco, not to mention the excellent service, quality of products and unbeatable return policy.

Tip#1 Seafood
Costco is one of THE best places to purchase giant scallops $8.99/lb, fresh clams $2.50/lb, fresh mussels $1.99/lb, giant tiger prawns $9.99/lb, jumbo king crab legs $8.99/lb and fresh wild sockeye salmon or ahi tuna for $9.99/lb. You'd easily pay 1.5 to 2x's the cost at places like Whole Foods and Central Market for the same quality. The quality at your local market often won't match the freshness at Costco or price.

Tip#2 Luxury Goods
Aside from a small selection at the stores, there is a HUGE selection online of luxury goods such as jewelry & diamonds, designer handbags, watches, pens and gourmet foods. Shipping is often included, the items are fully refund-able at the brick&mortar stores AND even includes the shipping.

Tip#3 Tires
C'mon, everyone needs tires. Costco often runs a biannual promotion where one can save $60-80 on a set of Michelin or Goodyear tires. Any tires Costco installs comes with FREE tire rotations, free fill-ups with nitrogen (maximizes fuel efficiency/gas mileage, handling and tire life, stays inflated longer and prevents corrosion and rust) and a graduated replacement policy for tires which become damaged due to road hazards. You can't beat the service.

Tip#4 Furniture & Electronics
Expensive furniture, high-end matresses, game systems, LCD monitors, IPODs, computers, pianos, fridges, and plasma or LCD TV's on the cheap. Plus they have a great return policy (better than most stores) on electronics. Available for order online as well. Want a greenhouse, gazebo or even a casket (yes, a casket)... you'll be able to find 'em online.

Tip#5 Pharmaceuticals
THE best prices on name brand and generic over-the-counter meds, contact solutions and other things you'd find in a pharmacy, granted you might end up with 500 tablets of acetaminophen, but who doesn't need Tylenol all the time?

Tip#6 Signup as an Executive Member
You'll get an annual 2% cashback on the year's purchases. The money you make back will more than offset the cost and make it a better bargain than your non-cashback earning regular membership.

Tip#7 Signup for the Costco-branded American Express card
Costco only takes cash, debit and American Express. Why anyone doesn't already try to use their AMEX exclusively for some of the best credit card benefits around, I'll never know... BUT this AMEX comes with a few other exclusives such as no annual fee with your paid Costco membership, earning 1% cashback on most purchases delivered in the form of a Costco check (which can be cashed out at the store), earn 2% on travel (airline, lodging, car rental, cruise line, travel agency and tour operators, AND a whopping 3% on dining out. The dining cashback really adds up with those mentioned in my previous posts.

This really only touches the tip of the iceberg on all the wonderful things a single person, if not a family, can purchase at Costco on the cheap. Take a look at warehouse, you'd be surprised on how many day-to-day purchases you can make here and not have to do so in bulk.


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Beantown Bloggery said...

Definitely getting all my tires from Costco from now on. I got slaughtered last time at Sears on the labor costs which weren't included in the price.